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1) What is IWD?

Industrial Web Directory is an online industrial search engine, available 24/7 for your welfare. IWD is your one stop source to generate inquires for your business and to acquire ample and quality leads, to increase sales of your products and/or services.

IWD provides you with detailed information regarding potential customers with their feedback, opinions, contact details and also their behavior towards your company and its offerings, which will be essential in matters of decision-making.

IWD’s aim is to connect U.S. industries to potential buyers by ways of an interactive online directory.

After 10 years of expertise in the website industry of USA, Industrial Web Center has taken this initiative of introducing IWD to the world. IWC is a certified partner of Microsoft and is esteemed with a qualified team of experts who have delivered over 200 websites to a numerous members of the industry.

2) Why should my company list with IWD?

IWD is where you can start transforming your business.                                                                                                          
Following is a list of reasons, explaining why:

  • Showcase your company’s offerings
  • Search for potential buyers and vendors
  • Get relevant and ample traffic on your company’s website
  • Increase your brand’s visibility and goodwill
  • Let seekers fi

3) How to get my company listed?

You can get your company listed on IWD by simply filling the Submit Business Listings and your company profile will appear under the product/service categories that you select while filling that form.

After registration, you’ll be ready to promote your business on IWD, where millions of industrial buyers seek for various products/services and their respective suppliers.

4) How will IWD generate leads for my company?

IWD's lead generation program generates ideal leads for your sales and also concentrates on generating higher interest on the web for your products and/or services, eventually and evidently benefiting your business.

Detailed and essential information about potential customers is sent to you personally, including their name, state, city & zip and statistic reports about the visitor-behavior towards your company’s listing. For example the number of pages viewed by a particular lead or the total amount of visitors/leads, etc.

You can utilize these leads by initializing efforts to increase sales.

Click here to learn more about the lead generation program.

5) How do I search on IWD?

You can specify and disintegrate your search by selecting a particular category such as “product, service, company and state” or opt to search from “ALL” the available categories and information.

This facility is to simplify your search experience and help you attain search results with ease.

For instance, you can enter required keywords in the search box, select ‘products’ and choose a particular state from US or Canada as preferred.

Keyword entered under products: Compressors
State selected: Ohio.

6) What is a company profile?

A company profile is a page entirely dedicated to your company’s details, which are also available on search results in order to be accessible for users. Relevant & detailed information about your company and its products/services can be showcased on the company profile page.

Company profiles on IWD include the following information:

  • Name
  • Introduction, history, functionality and other company details
  • Contact details
  • Phone Numbers
  • Website
  • Email
  • Address (Including Google Maps)
  • Working hours
  • Image
  • Request for quote facility
  • Customer Reviews
  • “Add to my favourite” – bookmarking facility for buyers

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7) How do I subscribe for IWD’s free newsletter?
IWD’s newsletter is designed to keep you informed and updated about the current affairs, tips, important announcements and other contemporary news about the industrial market. Fill in your name and email address to start receiving free newsletters from today.

8) How do I provide feedback to IWD?

If you want to submit any kind of feedback or a suggestion, visit the SUGGESTIONS  page and help us improve ourselves.

Your feedback is extremely important to make your experience more valuable. We strive to improve ourselves to serve you better.

9) How do I contact IWD?

Your opinions and comments are very important and we read every message that we receive, please contact us by filling the contact form. Or you can also call us at 443-283-7011

10) How do I contact a company which is listed on IWD?


Suppliers have been given the option to mention all their contact details for user-convenience. All you have to do is visit their listing page on